Edible Mushroom Producers Cooperative (SPGJ) was founded in 2000 on the initiative of the mushroom producers in the Province of Lodz. Currently, 22 mushroom growers belong to and constantly cooperate with SPGJ.

SPGJ has its headquarters in Makow (province of Lodz) at ul. Akacjowa 4, where in 2005 a professional logistics base was built to provide the highest quality in the technology of storing and handling large quantities of mushrooms.

Due to the dynamic development of cooperatives and the constant increase of the cultivation area, the refrigeration & storage base for mushrooms distribution with technological packaging lines of fungi was expanded in 2011.

Basic goal of our company is to establish the market for edible mushrooms, plan a production process, adapt the production process to quality demands and to promote mushroom consumption by advertising their nutritional and taste qualities (www.ja-pieczarka.pl). We are constantly cooperating with retail chains in Poland. We also deliver our mushrooms to customers in England, Germany, France, Russia, Austria, Dubai, Cyprus, etc.

SPGJ’s main activities include:

  • extension and development of existing markets at home and abroad
  • providing appropriate conditions for storage and sales of mushrooms,
  • providing the associated growers with tools and resources for mushroom production,
  • providing training for member growers to ensure high quality mushroom production.